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Beginning Open Water Diver

Our course is divided into four parts: Home Study, Class Sessions, Pool Training, and Open Water Training. Classes are usually completed in three to five weeks depending upon length and frequency of each session. See Open Water Diver Class Dates.
Home Study - This part of our course is easy with S.S.I.'s home study kit. First, you will watch a chapter on video or DVD then read the chapter in the text book which helps you to better understand and retain the materials. There are six chapters. They cover : using your snorkeling and scuba equipment; breathing underwater; adapting to the underwater environment; ascent procedures; depth and time on the diver; the aquatic environment; and planning your dive.

Classroom Sessions - Your instructor will summarize and review the chapters with the class and additional information, not covered in your home study, will also be presented. Pool skills are reviewed and evaluated to prepare you for your next pool session . Your instructor and Aqua Ventures staff will also be available to answer questions and to advise you on trips, classes, and equipment purchases.
Pool Training - You will follow an easy and natural step by step progression of skills to help you adapt to the underwater world. These skills cover: entries & exits; mask & regulator clearing; equipment handling; buoyancy control; safety procedures; and ascents & descents. In addition to your instructor, one or two certified assistant instructors will aid with your training. You will also have an opportunity to try out different types of equipment while you practice.
Open Water Training - The final part of your course is a two day in water evaluation. It is designed to observe your newly acquired skills, help you adapt to the open water environment and give you a chance to see fish and explore. A minimum of four dives will be performed and as many as six dives if weather permits. Your dives will cover : review of snorkeling skills; diver aid and assistance; review of scuba skills; natural navigation & compass navigation; and buoyancy control. Upon completion of this part of the course you will receive your certification card from Aqua Ventures and S.S.I. which will allow you to begin your diving activities and participate in specialty classes.

Equipment Supplied -For your pool training, an air regulator with alternate air source and pressure gauge, buoyancy control device, scuba tank, and soft weight belt will be provided. For your open water training, these items plus a dive computer, compass and wet suit with hood will also be supplied for the weekend diving adventure.

Equipment Needed - We will require you to have a few pieces of equipment of your own while taking the classes for two reasons. First, many dive sites do not rent snorkeling equipment and where they do, it is not of the quality required for scuba diving. Second, you will perform better and enjoy the experience more if you use your own equipment that is properly fitted and maintained. The following equipment is required for your pool training: mask, fins, snorkel and regulator mouthpiece. (Approximate cost for quality equipment. $130 to $250) For your open water training: boots and gloves may be needed (Approximately $40 and up.)

10% Discount - While attending your class, you will receive a complimentary 10% discount off of non-sale items.

Prerequisites: You must be at least 10 years of age, can swim and be in good physical condition.


 Group Classes . . . . . . . . . . . $435.00*

Includes : class sessions, pool training, open water training , use of scuba equipment, (Air regulator with alternate air source and pressure gauge, buoyancy control device, scuba tank, soft weight belt, dive computer, compass and a wet suit with hood for the open water dives), S.S.I. student home study kit (Open Water Diver Training DVD, Open Water Manual and Workbook, Dive Tables, logbook) and Open Water Certification Card fee, a free six months subscription to Dive Training Magazine and free DAN insurance while enrolled in the Open Water Scuba class.
* $50.00 less if you complete your Open Water dive as a referral student in a different location.
* $20.00 less per additional family member if the training video can be shared.

Private Classes (1 to 6 people)

One person - $50.00 / hour plus pool rental if needed
Two or more - $40.00 / hour / person plus pool rental if needed
(usually 2 hours of class and 6 hours of pool are the minimum amount of time a student requires for private lessons)

Student Study Kit
S.S.I. student home study kit
Each additional study kit (without training DVD) $80.00

Open Water Evaluation
a) Group classes (open water dives, use of scuba equipment, certification card)........ $100.00
b) Private classes (same) one person....$200.00 two or more....$150.00 / person
c) Referral (referral letter, and certification card fee).......$35.00

Total (Tuition, Student Study Kit, & Open Water Evaluation)........$________________

Additional Fees when applicable:
1. Entry fee for dive sites range from ... $20.00 to $38.00 / day

2. Make up pool sessions for missed group classes.....$30.00/hour/person + pool rental

3. Wet suit top rental for pool sessions ................$10.00 / day ..........or $25.00 for the entire course. (Wet suit rental fee can be applied to the purchase of a new suit at end of class)
4. Pool Rental for private or missed group classes .......................$65.00 / hour

We hope you will choose Aqua Ventures as your full service scuba center and are looking forward to diving with you.
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