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Now that you have the proper equipment, a properly fitted mask, a snorkel designed for your needs and comfortable fins, you are ready to experience the other 3/4 of our planet .

We have created this page filled with tips and trick's to make the transition from a land lubber to a sea explorer easier. This will answer may of the most popularly asked questions, but feel free to visit or contact us if you have additional questions.

Snorkeling Tips

  • Clean your new mask. The inside glass of all new masks should be cleaned to remove any oily film left behind from the manufacturing process. Oddly tooth paste will work very well
  • Defog your mask. Although saliva works well, it is not very hygienic and usually washes out very quickly. Two or three drops of anti-fog made specifically for diving masks will usually work best and may last all day.
  • Wear your mask strap high on the back of your head. If you find that your hair tangles in the strap, replacing it with a padded neoprene strap will help.
  • Attach your snorkel on the left side of your mask. Snorkels with drain valves are designed to work best if worn on the left.
  • Clearing a snorkel is easy. Blow forcefully into the snorkel, take a shallow breath, and blow again to remove any remaining water. A self drain snorkel will make it even easier.
  • Avoid walking with fins on. If you must walk, shuffle your feet sideways or backwards only.
  • Snorkel with a buddy and use the "One up , and one down rule " when breath hold diving. This means one stays on the surface while the other one dives down.
  • Use a snorkel vest if you are not a good swimmer or if swimming far off shore.
  • Avoid getting burned. Wear a Lycra dive skin or a tee shirt with a good waterproof sun block. A bad sun burn could ruin a great trip.
  • Respect the reef. Avoid touching and bumping into coral. A healthy reef is a pretty reef.



Snorkelers Check List

  • Mask
  • Prescription mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Self-draining snorkel
  • Dry snorkel
  • Snorkeling vest
  • Dry box
  • Mask defog
  • Padded mask strap
  • Waterproof sun block
  • Waterproof fish ID books
  • Waterproof fish ID cards
  • Waterproof single use camera
  • Mesh draw string bag
  • Snorkeling manual
  • Beach walker shoes
  • Lycra dive skins
  • Shorty wet suit
  • Seasick bands & pills
  • Dive knife
  • Fin socks

Equipment Care

  • Clean your equipment with fresh water each day. This will remove salt and sand that can cause problems, especially with purge valves. Washing or dunking it while in a mesh bag can make the task fast and easy.
  • Avoid excessive heat. Temperatures above 170 F can damage your equipment.
  • Soak your equipment when you return home from your trip. This will help remove sand and salt that a quick rinse didn't get.
  • Store your gear in a cool dry place.